Myer J. Sankary has been practicing law for over 40 years in the State of California. He graduated Harvard Law School with a JD degree in 1965 and graduated Texas Christian University, summa cum laude, with a BA in Philosophy in 1962. Mr. Sankary has also received advanced mediation certificates from Pepperdine Law School. He offers a depth of experience and expertise in business transactions, estate planning, litigation, as well as mediation and arbitation services.

Mr. Sankary has spent the past ten years researching and developing new and more dynamic methods of negotiating settlements based not only upon legal processes, but also based upon knowledge and research developed in the fields of social sciences, psychology, problem solving, art of persuasion, and business models. Mr. Sankary lectures on legal negotiations and mediation to MBA students at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He has conducted numerous workshops for attorneys as well as business students on advanced negotiation techniques which he has developed from his theoretical research and application in conducting over 1000 mediations.

Mr. Sankary is the only attorney and mediator trained and certified by the leading authority, Dr. Robert Cialdini, on the social science of influence. Mr. Sankary teaches a two day workshop and has presented numerous programs on the subject of Ethical Advocacy-Using the Science of Influence to Negotiation Deals, Settle Disputes and Win in Court. See for more information on this exciting new field.

Based upon his experience, Mr. Sankary has been an expert in the field of managing conflict and dispute resolution.

MANAGING CONFLICT is a dynamic and systematic approach for individuals, businesses, and organizations to increase value by reducing the costs of conflict. Unresolved conflicts often spiral out of control and inflict irreparable financial and emotional harm to the parties and their relationships. Mr. Sankary draws on his 38 years of legal experience in diverse areas of litigation, corporate, business, probate and estates, as well as his training, experience and skills in negotiations to bring about resolution of disputes where the parties often achieve maximum satisfaction of their interests beyond their expectations. Ways in which services are provided:

Traditional Mediator and Arbitrator of disputes already in litigation, Neutral Facilitator of disputes before the parties invest in litigation Advisor and consultant to parties about managing specific disputes before they spiral out of control, Representing parties in mediation proceedings Designer of Conflict Management Systems to reduce costs of conflict for organizations

Contact Mr. Sankary to discuss ways in which your dispute or conflict, whether between individuals or within organizations, can be resolved in a more productive way which can lead to better communication and productivity in your business or family environment. Call 818-325-8989.